From Chris Davies CBE DL

Chair Taunton Music Trust (TMT)


OrchestraWest†† - WELCOME

TMT continues the endeavour, so bravely launched by our Founder, the late Dr John Cole, to bring professional symphonic music to Taunton and the south-west. But to put it bluntly, without audiences of 500-600 (bigger than any local venue!), the pounds, shillings and pence do not add up.


We need £3000-£4000 to fill the funding gap for each concert until we can regularly attract and accommodate audiences of that size.  With the support of our  invaluable Friends and the commitment of our players, we were able to bring two amazing concerts to Taunton in the Autumn. We are planning for an active and exciting programme into Winter 2015, but we will need more support to be able to bring it off.


We would be delighted to talk with anyone who might want to be associated with OW and provide sponsorship. Please contact me directly to explore this further. If you would like to be join our group of Friends, please contact Caroline Seymour:  carolineseymour554@hotmail.com


Our thanks go to the Western Provident Benevolent Association, which has supported our education programme, and in particular TMTís excellent SingingWorx, and to Richard Huish College, our partners in our 2014/15 programme.


†††††††††† e-mail Chris Davis, Chair TMT: davies.chris88@gmail.com


Caroline Seymour Secretary to the Trust , BJ Dixon Walsh Honorary Accountants

Trustees: Chris Davies CBE, DL, Chair, 

Brian Cresswell, Clara Wood

The Friends of OrchestraWest make regular monthly contributions to support the orchestraís work and have been key to its survival.


Without this small band of loyal supporters, concerts would not be taking place


Friends receive complimentary tickets and we keep them in touch with OWs work. Friends are also invited to our AGM and annual reception.


Please do join our Friends by e-mailing: Caroline Seymour,† Secretary to the trust TMT: carolineseymour554@hotmail.com

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Taunton Music† Trust Registered Charity No. 1116620